I’m Dr. Xanthie, born in a LEO zodiac sign. I am a website designer/front-end/back-end developer based in Dubai, UAE – fond of clean code and elegant design.

I believe that the most creative ideas are the Simplest.

not your ordinary guy

The Other Side of Dr. X

Hi, my name is Dr. Xanthie Fronda, Ph.D. in Business Management with a specialization in Strategic Leadership, Finance, Corporate Planning, and Business Strategies. A life-long learner and also passionate about many things. 

By now, we have all been impacted by this Pandemic, which has been devastating for so many. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed our vulnerabilities – our industries, in all walks of life. We are in an extraordinary time, which demands new rules. This is a time like no other in our lives. The COVID-19 Pandemic produces uncertainty, stress, and trauma in our lives and community.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we can prepare for it. We flex ourselves to adapt to the new normal and make the necessary changes that make the most difference towards the next normal.

I created this website because I wish to share what I am experiencing now and what I am doing to help myself earn extra income for myself and my family.

Together, we can create something incredibly unique.  You and I possess the power to be courageously curious. It is not too late, and we can still create meanings in our life. We make our good stories today. So, think for yourself. Explore. Imagine. Be unconventional.

I am doing my best to change my life today!

“When you change the way the game is played, you change the world, you change the future. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile. ~ RJ”.

how did my passion for website development started?

Back Story

After graduating college with a BS COMMERCE Degree in Accounting & Finance, I made my way into multiple jobs. First, starting as an audit staff in one of the Philippines’ top auditing and accounting companies. After spending three years in the audit, I joined one of the Philippines’ best creative and communication agencies. This was the start of many-core understandings and played a key role in my thought process when thinking about design and creativity as a whole, especially when it comes to typography, design, and content writing.

"I am also a graduate of computer studies major in programming, way back in the late 90s. I have completed my degree while working as Finance Manager in one of the best Creative and communication ad agency in the Philippines."


My past experiences sparked my passion for website development during the Pandemic caused by COVID-19 in early 2020. I happened to reconnect with a friend in this type of freelance work, and he taught me how to build websites. In addition, I have enrolled in a formal website development course to enhance further my design and development skills and, coupled with my expertise in content writing, copywriting enhanced with my background in research.

“Academic qualification is important, so is financial education. They are both important and schools are forgetting one of them.”



My mission is to create a lasting relationship with my client through my value-unique services. I provide full stock Website development from A to Z. 

“I am a generalist who quickly masters new material. For the time being, I am helping to build something great in the clean and green industry for a better future for humanity. A legacy that I would like to leave for the new generations.”

Why website development?


My vision of working my way into the development industry is a path that I created for myself based on one question that I still find myself asking: How does it work? This was the one question that started the passion I call my other career.

“You’ve Got to Be Smart. The Easy Days Are Over”



A friend in high places once said that “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”. We are in a new age, a new normal that demands new rules, a new approach to building strength to weather our storm, and focusing ourselves on winning again in the next normal. Events that transpired would typically incapacitate don’t need to give us pause. 

“Since early, 2020, I have been helping clients improve their online performance and position themselves for success today and in the new normal by evaluating how their internal and external changes affect progress towards their digital strategic goals.”


Day-to-day Comfort

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Squarespace / Shopify
  • WordPress / PHP
  • Photoshop / Sketch
  • Responsive Layout and Design
  • Agile Methodology
  • BEM Methodology (naming convention)
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile First Thinking
  • Sass / LESS
  • JavaScript / jQuery


  • Grunt
  • RequireJS
  • AJAX
  • Node.js (limited)
  • React.js (limited)
  • Backbone.js (limited)
  • Divi
  • Elementor Pro
  • Gutenberg

Latest Work

Are you interested to see what I’ve been up to?

I have been doing part-time work as a website developer serving corporate and eCommerce clients since 2019, and when the Pandemic came in early 2020, almost everything had halted. My passion for developing websites started as a hobby, and then a few clients came to ask for my services during the Pandemic. Since then, I've had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients in a wide range of different industries, and I'd love to share my work with you.


Dr. Xanthie

I’m a WordPress, Elementor Pro, UI/UX Designer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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